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Cane-line is a Danish designer furniture company that has been serving customers worldwide for over 30 years.  They specialize in designs that are beautiful and unique, while also very comfortable and practical. 

Their furniture is built to last, featuring high grade materials and quality engineering.  They're known for their work with teak furniture, as well as their innovate technologies such as the Cane-line Natté®, Cane-line Weave®, and the Cane-line QuickDry & Airflow System®.

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Cedar Creek Sculptures

Cedar Creek Sculptures is a brand of hand-made, artisanal firepits. 

Their specialty is based in the sculptured bowl or sphere designs creating large, distinct, and imposing steel firepits. 

Their signature look is based on plasma-cut designs in a variety of captivating shape that make these firepits double as impressive outdoor pieces of art.

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Iron Embers

Iron Embers is a series of handcrafted luxury firepits that are built for functionality and durability, as much as they are designed to be beautiful and captivating. 

Iron Embers specializes in a modern, angular look, featuring shapes such as pyramids, cubes, and polygons. 

Their most notable features are the durability brought by quarter-inch steel, coupled with the modern appeal of angled designs. 

The Iron Embers firepits also feature a wide array of accessories and functions that make them incredibly versatile, such as spark screens, fire grates, grill attachments, and much more.

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Palram & Poly-Tex


Poly-Tex is one of the leaders in backyard shelters and enclosures, which is why we are proud to feature their sun room kits.

They bring on the utility of a DIY kit when it comes to one of the most difficult tasks, which is creating an extension to your home.  

These DIY sun room kits help you create an extension to your home, either as a living space, or as a gardening/greenhouse space.

The ingenuity of Palram and Poly-Tex help bring this new facet of your home to  life.

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Savio Engineering

Savio Engineering and their parent company Anjon Manufacturing have a long history in the waterscaping industry. 

They specialize in creating highly effective and reliable pond and waterfall equipment that can transform your backyard into a living, breathing, natural oasis.   

The highlights of their selection are the waterfall and pond kits which offer you everything you will need to create the perfect waterscape in your backyard. 

They also offer a number of accessories to accompany all of your waterscaping needs.

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Severtson Screens

Severtson Screens are pioneers of the AV industry, providing high quality screens that are specialized in a number of uses, both home and commercial. 

We're proud to carry their outdoor QuickFold series, which are screens designed to be portable and versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.  They are perfect for your backyard AV setup, while also being great for events. 

They are designed with outdoors in mind, but that doesn't prevent them from being useful indoors as well.  Their key features are flexibility and portability.

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Sojag has been an industry leader in providing top quality shelters for your outdoor space since 1993, with a wide selection of beautiful hard top gazebos that will be sure to transform your backyard space.

These all-season gazebos are modern and elegant, yet durable and practical. They bring a sense of class to any backyard.

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Tiki Bar To Go

Tiki Bar To Go specializes in tiki bars that are highly functional and durable, while staying true to the natural, beautiful tiki aesthetic. 

The Tiki Bar To Go tiki bars are extremely versatile and portable, suiting both home, event, and commercial uses. 

The build features a mix of natural elements for aesthetic purposes, and synthetic components for durability. 

This tiki bar comes as a kit made to help you implement a genuine tiki bar wherever you might need.

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