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Airflow Improvement Firepit Grate

Iron Embers

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In terms of having a bright, blazing fire, airflow is key. That's why the models of fire pit made by Iron Embers in the luxury collection are designed to contain this extremely helpful accessory - the Airflow Improvement Fire pit Grate for all models and sizes of fire pit.

These craftsman-made fire pit grates come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Don't waste any time getting your blaze going!  This heavy duty 1/8" thick steel fire pit grate is designed to help improve the airflow of your fire, helping you get a fire going in no time.

This specially designed grate will allow your fire to burn brighter and longer, so you can focus on enjoying your evening and your company.

Simply place it inside your fire pit at its center, and then just add logs and sticks that fit into the squares, helping them to stand up taller, and lean against each other in such a way that airflow is created at the base of the fire, where it needs to be.

When ordering an airflow grate, please be sure to check that you are getting the size of grate that fits correctly with the model of fire pit you are purchasing.

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Thiago R.
Nice hardware

This is an excellent piece of hardware, and works great. Looks very nice with my firepit as well.

Gracey F.
Helps make a great fire

I love firepits but I'm not great at making fires or keeping them going. This little device does the trick and so I can make sure my logs have great airflow from the outset, and keeps the fire blazing much better! It also looks cool with this brand of firepits, obviously because the same people made both. Kudos to all from California!

Wilson C.
Great idea!

Hey guys, great product! I've never actually seen a firepit online that comes with one of these, but it makes perfect sense. I took one look at it and thought, "That'll definitely help!" Especially with the shape of the firepit (i got the pyramid). Most firepits, no matter how nice they look or how well built they are, still suffer from the fact that you're going to have to pile logs onto a flat surface, and the airflow is going to be less than ideal. If you actually use something like this, which helps to prop up the wood, you can have a fire that burns better, longer, and overall more effectively. Great accessory, thanks again!

Randy N.
Unassuming but practical

This is a very unassuming piece of hardware, but it's very useful for getting a good fire going, as it angles the wood just so to get more airflow going. Glad I picked it up, because it's very handy and has helped create many a decent fire...also very sturdy.