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Cane-line Harbour Parasol with Pulley


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Documentation:    Solution Dyed Polyester Maintenance Manual \ Anodized Aluminum Maintenance Manual \ Technical Sheets for Harbour Umbrella \  Technical Sheets for Grow Base \  Slate Maintenance Manual

Warranty: 2 Years

Harbour is a range of parasols designed by the Cane-line design team that allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun is at its highest.

A spot in the shade is an important element to complete any outdoor environment, as it allows you to stay outdoors even when the sun is bright and relaxation in the shade is called for.

The Harbour Umbrella has a beautiful finish, and is an elegant parasol that will suit any outdoor space. This designer umbrella has a pulley system, which makes it easy to handle.

The material covering the umbrella is the durable solution-dyed fabric, which ensures a weather-resistant parasol cloth, which offers extra resistance to UV rays as well.

There are two types of bases that can be used with the Harbour Umbrella.

The 'Wheel Base' model is a minimalist and elegant umbrella base equipped with wheels for mobility and convenience.

The 'Grow' base features a unique design that doubles as a planter, allowing you to personalize your umbrella with plants. Alternatively, the planter space can also be used as an easily accessible storage spot.

Dimensions and Specifications for 78.8"W Umbrella

Series Harbour
Category Umbrella
Frame Aluminum
Fabric Solution-dyed Polyester
Width 200 cm | 78.8"
Height 262 cm | 103.2"
Weight 8.5 kg | 18.8 lbs


Dimensions and Specifications for 118.2"W Umbrella

Series Harbour
Category Umbrella
Frame Aluminum
Fabric Solution-dyed Polyester
Width 300 cm | 118.2"
Height 262 cm | 103.2"
Weight 15.2 kg | 33.6 lbs


Regular Base Dimensions

Width 54 cm | 21.3"
Depth 54 cm | 21.3"
Height 40 cm | 15.8"
Weight 47 kg | 103.62 lbs

Grow Base Dimensions

Width 50 cm | 19.7"
Depth 50 cm | 19.7"
Height 48 cm | 18.9"
Weight 9.72 kg | 21.5 lbs