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Cane-line Teak Care Kit


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Documentation: Teak Protector MSDS | Teak Cleaner MSDS

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Teak is a tropical wood with a natural golden-brown colour. Over time the color will fade to a silver-grey colour / patina if not treated.

Depending on the weather conditions, this can happen very quickly. If you wish to preserve the original golden-brown finish, you need to maintain it regularly.

This Teak Care Kit covers everything you'd need.

Package includes:

  • Green Scrubbing pads (2 pc)
  • Teak Cleaner
  • Teak Protector
  • Application Cloth (3 pc)

Green Scrubbing pads

These pads are designed for the teak cleaner to help clean the teakwood before applying the teak protector.

Teak Cleaner

Teak Cleaner is a Cleaner & Brightener in one. To clean and restore discolored and dark grey teak, this water-based formula is not only a high concentration cleaner, but it also contains brightener ingredients, which bring back the original color of new teak.

Be sure to read the safety sheets under the Documentation heading.


  • m2: 10 - 12
  • Sq. ft.: 110 - 130
  • Chairs: 10 - 12
  • Tables (240 cm / 80”): 2 or 3
  • Sofas / Benches (240 cm / 80”): 3 or 4
  • Content: 1000 ml

Teak Protector

Maintain the original honey golden-brown color for a longer time. This protector gives teak furniture a nicer, more natural color after application. The teak protector is easy to apply, and it helps maintain the golden-brown color of new teak furniture.

  • Up to 4 times longer than teak-oil
  • Up to twice as long as teak sealers.

Be sure to read the safety sheets under the Documentation heading.


  • m2: 8 - 10
  • Sq. ft.: 90 - 110
  • Chairs: 8 - 10
  • Tables (240 cm / 80”): 2
  • Sofas / Benches (240 cm / 80”): 3
  • Content: 1000 ml

Application Cloth

These application cloths are suitable for applying the teak protector.