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Iron Embers Steel BBQ Grill

Iron Embers

$149.00 USD

Ships From: Ontario, Canada

Ships To: Anywhere in the USA

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Warranty: 2 Years

This stainless steel grill by Iron Embers is an effective solution to fireside BBQ'ing, measuring 19.5" in length and 14" in width.

If you have chosen one of our firepits with the grilling attachment feature, such as the Cottager, Polygon, Octagon, or Cube, then you will be able to use this feature to satisfy all your outdoor firepit cooking needs and wants.

The grilling attachment feature must been chosen for the particular model of firepit you want, because it is not included by default.

Made in Ontario, Canada, by the same hard working artisanal metal craftsmen who build each and every one of the luxury fire pits in this collection, this heavy duty, thick steel grilling surface features a number of long drainage slats as well as the Canadian maple leaf emblem in the middle of the grill as a reminder of where it was made.

While this model is not height adjustable, it is rock solid enough to support anything you might feel like grilling, whether it be burgers, steaks, sausages, etc.  Very easy to clean, has a 10 year warranty, and built to last a lifetime!

Attachment instructions:

Simply slide the metal pole into the grilling attachment hole, and then add the grill, locking it into place.  Both the grill and the pole are heavy duty, but designed to stay firm and can be piled high with as many burgers as you think you can grill!

Note: You need to choose a firepit that includes the BBQ Grilling Attachment Hole in order to use this accessory. If you're purchasing this to go with a firepit, make sure it supports the feature.