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Iron Embers Steel Table Cover

Iron Embers

$339.00 USD

Ships From: Ontario, Canada

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Warranty: 2 Years

Transform your Cottager or Cube fire pits by Iron Embers into a functional table when you're not using it for fires, with this thick steel table cover.

Designed by the same artisans and craftsmen who make the fire pits in our luxury collection, these fire pit covers can be unassuming at first, but the attention to workmanship and detail is just as striking as any of our other products.

Once your fire is out and your fire pit itself has cooled off sufficiently, simply put this form-fitting tabletop on top to give your fire pit a new purpose, whether it be simply to keep the contents of your fire pit dry, or to transform your fire pit into a table that can be used for whatever you like.

When ordering a table top cover, please be sure to check that you are getting the size of table top that fits correctly with the model of fire pit you are purchasing.