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Octogonal Cottager Steel Luxury Fire Pit

Iron Embers

$699.00 USD

Ships From: Ontario, Canada

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This Iron Embers fire pit is proudly hand-made by artisans who know how to create a beautiful metal sculpture from steel that also is ingeniously functional. 

The raised fire bowl radiates heat down onto your feet and water drainage/ airflow slots in the floor keep your fire pit clear of rainwater and burning brighter and longer than other fire pits.

There's even a 1/2" hole in the floor to allow for a user-installed gas burner.

The rod rings on the Cottager let you place cast iron pans on the rim for cooking, or use the outer ring as a footrest while the fire's burning.

There are a number of accessories that are designed to work with the Cottager, such as the Airflow Improvement Fire Grate, the Steel Table Top, the BBQ Grill Attachment, and the Spark Screen.

See below for more features that we know you're going to love!



The Cottager comes in three sizes: 2’, 3’, and 4’.


2' Cottager 32.6" L x 32.6" W x 10.2" H, 120 lbs
3' Cottager 44.5" L x 44.5" W x 14.8" H, 210 lbs
4' Cottager 57.9" L x 57.9" W x 20.3" H, 425 lbs




Materials Used

  • The cottager is made from ¼” thick carbon steel
  • It is fully welded, no assembly required
  • It is painted with a high heat matte black BBQ paint
  • Hand-made in Canada

    Rod Ring

    • Outer rod stays cool during a fire for an added level of safety
    • You can place your feet on the outer ring
    • The rod ring offers a surface to place larger pans to hang them over the fire

    Expansion Joint

    • Keeps the rod ring from warping with the extreme heat
    • Built in attachment adapter allows you to add the Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Attachment

    Available Accessories (Purchased Separately)

    • Stainless Mesh Spark Screen
      • Plain Screen
      • Screen with a Hinged Door
    • BBQ Grill Attachment
      • Steel Grill Attachment
      • Stainless Steel, Height-Adjustable Grill Attachment
    • Fire Grate
    • Steel Tabletop
    • Custom Tarp Cover
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    Jo K.
    Last one we'll ever need

    Last one we'll ever need? I'd say so. This firepit has got it right in all the right spots, and it's so sturdy that it will no doubt outlast me, and I'm in my late 20's! Think we're gonna have this for generations to come.

    Howard H.
    Getting used to it

    Honestly, my wife talked me into buying this firepit. I wasn't completely sold on the shape of it. I'm more into squares and circles, not "octagonal" shapes. But whoever built this has slowly been winning me over, since now I can see why it is this shape. It's no coincidence. At first I didn't believe it, but now.. well, I do kinda believe it. My feet stay warm, the footrest ring is really nice, and guess what? We splurged and got some accessories and they too are all very very nice. It's a bit on the pricy side, but hey, you get what you pay for these days.

    Rosemary M.
    Glad we got this one

    We were going to go with the Polygon, but then we noticed that the Cottager seems like a step up, partly due to the ring around the edge. There was actually a lively debate about this because we have a huge family and it really came down to the fact that you could either put your feet up or not on the ring. Democracy ruled, and the feet resting people won! A bit more expensive, but now that we've been using it, we all do appreciate this feature. Aside from that, this firepit is great, and so cheers to the people who made it!

    Stanley T.
    So much better than the others

    Not to play favorites, but this firepit is a MILLION times better than the ones I've seen online, and almost bought. I'm so glad I kept searching in order to find this beauty. Cottager for life! :)

    Maggie B.
    Family fun

    The "Cottager" has really been great for us. We got it at the end of the summer, and we've been making good use of it since, at our cottage in Maine. The family gives it two thumbs up. The design is genius. Thanks again!