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Severtson QuickFold Large Outdoor Projector Screen

Severtson Screens

$950.00 USD

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Documentation: Instruction Manual | Cleaning Guide

The Severtson QuickFold is a series of premium outdoor screens that offer an easy to setup, portable, high quality viewing experience for the home theater lover.

It comes in four sizes, with up to 225" diagonal width and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It boasts commercial-grade material, coating, and build.

And, of course, the best part is that they're designed for outdoor stability, allowing you to put on an amazing show right in your own backyard.


Materials and Build

  • Incredibly versatile, easy to carry, set up, and tear-down
  • Built for portability and outdoor stability
  • Needs to be taken down after each use as it is NOT a permanent outdoor installation
  • Premium quality material and coating
  • Enjoy commercial grade viewing quality in your own backyard


The QuickFold screen is available in 5 sizes: 125", 150", 175", 200", and 225".

109" W x 61" H, 125" diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio
131" W x 74" H, 150" diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio
175" 153" W x 86" H, 175" diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio
200" 174" W x 98" H, 200" diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio
225" 196" W x 110" H, 225" diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio

Based out of Arizona, Severtson is a lead in the home theatre screen market, with amazing production capabilities and, as such, they are innovators in the world of pro-AV equipment. 

Their screens can be found in theaters far and wide, from the United States, to Spain, France, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand, China, Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and more.

You can get one of your very own and bring a stellar cinema experience right to your backyard.

Please make sure to follow the instruction manual when setting up, tearing-down, or transporting. For cleaning and maintenance, please be sure to follow the instructions in the cleaning guide.

This screen is designed for portability, ease of setup, and outdoor stability which make it a great backyard feature. However, it is NOT designed to be left out permanently. Please make sure to tear-down after each use.

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Elizabeth B.

Got this screen as a Christmas gift from my dad, and now we can spend out time as a family really watching some awesome shows outside when the weather is nice. We live in Florida, so we can use this screen pretty much year round. Awesome! Just don't let your kids near it, one mine almost put a hole in mine with a stick. Luckily, crisis averted.

Angie H.
serious screen, fun times!

Initially I didn't see why we should buy this screen, but my husband convinced me that we'd be "levelling up", and that we could use it for all sorts of things, including business meetings once Covid is gone. I didn't see what the big deal was.. but now I do! This screen is incredible.. Severtson Quickfold rocks!

Adesh B.
Top Quality 5 STARS

High quality material for these screens, never seen anything like it.

Ty D.
Excellent quality

I'd heard lots of good things about these Severtson Quickfold screens, and I must say this purchase does not disappoint! Coupled with the right project, this setup is dynamite and expect many awesome nights of entertainment in my backyard this summer. - Ty

Allen T.
would recommend this screen

This was not what I would consider a small investment in terms of buying an outdoor screen, but this screen was well worth it. Picture quality is excellent. Thanks Gnome Crew!